Plaza de Bolívar


Plaza de Bolívar, Bogotá


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Plaza de Bolívar, Bogotá


4.598146, -74.076004279124

Welcome to the heart and soul of Bogota, where history reverberates through every cobblestone and vibrant energy fills the air. Plaza de Bolívar is not just a public square; it is a living testament to Colombia’s rich past and an emblem of its proud present. Nestled in the heart of the city, this iconic plaza holds within its boundaries centuries worth of stories waiting to be discovered.

As you step into Plaza de Bolívar, prepare to be transported back in time. This historic site has witnessed pivotal moments in Colombian history, making it a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists alike. From political gatherings and protests to grand celebrations and cultural events, this plaza has been at the center stage of countless significant milestones.

But Plaza de Bolívar isn’t just about history – it offers much more than that! The plaza boasts picturesque architecture that blends colonial influences with contemporary elements, creating a unique ambiance that captivates visitors from all walks of life. Soak in the majestic beauty as you meander through its tree-lined pathways or find yourself mesmerized by the stunning fountains that adorn this urban oasis.

Whether you’re an avid history buff or simply seeking an immersive cultural experience, there’s something here for everyone at Plaza de Bolívar. Allow us to take you on a journey through time as we explore some of the must-see attractions in this beloved square.

History and significance of the plaza

The Plaza de Bolívar in Bogota is not just a picturesque square, but also holds great historical and cultural significance. Named after Simon Bolivar, the liberator of several South American countries, the plaza stands as a symbol of Colombia’s struggle for independence.

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During the colonial era, this area was known as Plaza Mayor and served as a central market and gathering place. However, it gained its current name after Bolivar’s death in 1830 to honor his contributions to the region. Today, it remains an important site for political gatherings and demonstrations.

Surrounded by impressive buildings such as the Cathedral Primada de Colombia and Palacio de Justicia, visitors can marvel at stunning architecture that reflects different periods of Colombian history. The neoclassical style of these structures adds charm to the plaza’s ambiance.

One notable feature within the plaza is the equestrian statue of Simón Bolívar himself. This imposing monument serves as a reminder of his leadership and dedication towards achieving independence from Spanish rule.

Walking through this historic square offers glimpses into Colombia’s past while capturing its vibrant present-day atmosphere. Whether you’re admiring street performers or enjoying refreshments at one of the nearby cafes, there is always something happening here.

Exploring the Plaza de Bolívar is like taking a journey through time – experiencing both history and contemporary culture intertwined in one captivating location. So make sure to include this iconic spot on your itinerary when visiting Bogota!

Must-see attractions in the plaza

Plaza de Bolívar, located at the heart of Bogota, is not just a square but also a living testament to Colombia’s rich history and culture. This vibrant plaza offers visitors a plethora of must-see attractions that showcase the country’s heritage.

4-Hour Private Transportation with an Experienced Driver in BogotaOne of the most iconic attractions in Plaza de Bolívar is the majestic Cathedral Primada, also known as Catedral Basílica Metropolitana. Its stunning architecture and grandeur are sure to leave you awe-inspired. Take a moment to step inside and admire its beautifully crafted altars.

Another notable attraction is Palacio de Justicia, which serves as Colombia’s Supreme Court. This impressive building stands tall with its neoclassical design and intricate details. While entrance may be limited, simply gazing upon its exterior will give you an appreciation for its significance.

The Capitolio Nacional, home to both houses of Congress, is another highlight worth exploring. Marvel at this magnificent structure adorned with statues and ornate decorations representing Colombian heroes throughout history.

Don’t miss out on visiting El Carmen Church either! This charming church boasts exquisite stained glass windows and intricately painted ceilings that depict religious scenes from centuries past.

As you wander through Plaza de Bolívar, keep an eye out for various sculptures scattered around the square. These artistic creations pay tribute to important figures such as Simón Bolívar himself – after whom the plaza was named – as well as other influential leaders who played significant roles in shaping Colombia’s identity.

With so much history packed into one place, it’s no wonder why Plaza de Bolívar continues to be a popular tourist destination in Bogota. Whether you’re interested in architecture or fascinated by historical landmarks, this plaza has something for everyone!

Soak up the atmosphere while strolling through this bustling square surrounded by soaring buildings that blend colonial influences with modern touches. Discover the stories behind each attraction and gain a deeper understanding of Colombia’s past.

Visiting Plaza de Bolívar is a must-do for any traveler in Bogota. Immerse yourself in the culture, admire the architecture, and take in all the sights and sounds of this vibrant plaza.

Activities and events held at the plaza

Activities and events held at Plaza de Bolívar are an integral part of the vibrant cultural scene in Bogota. This historic square serves as a gathering place for locals and visitors alike, providing a platform for various activities that celebrate the city’s rich heritage.

Bogota City TourOne of the most popular events held at Plaza de Bolívar is the changing of the guard ceremony, which takes place every Sunday morning. This traditional ritual showcases the precision and discipline of the Colombian military, with soldiers dressed in their immaculate uniforms performing intricate drills.

Art enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Plaza de Bolívar also hosts art exhibitions throughout the year. These exhibitions showcase works by local artists, offering a glimpse into Colombia’s thriving contemporary art scene. Strolling through these displays is like taking a walk through an open-air gallery, surrounded by historical landmarks.

For those interested in music and dance, there are often live performances held at Plaza de Bolívar. From traditional folk dances to modern musical acts, these performances provide entertainment for people of all ages and tastes. It’s not uncommon to see spontaneous gatherings where people join together to sing or dance along with talented musicians.

In addition to regular events, Plaza de Bolívar is also a hub for political demonstrations and rallies. As one of Bogota’s main public squares, it has been witness to countless protests throughout history – giving voice to social movements and facilitating dialogue on important issues.

Whether you’re visiting during a lively event or simply enjoying the serene atmosphere of this historic plaza on any given day, there is always something happening at Plaza de Bolívar that engages both locals and tourists alike.

Tips for visiting the plaza

1. Plan your visit strategically: The Plaza de Bolívar can get crowded, especially during weekends and holidays. To make the most of your visit, try to go early in the morning or later in the evening when there are fewer people.

2. Wear comfortable shoes: The plaza is quite spacious, with various statues, fountains, and gardens to explore. Be prepared to do some walking, so wearing comfortable footwear is essential.

Private Full Day Tour of Bogota3. Bring a camera: With its stunning architecture and historical landmarks, the Plaza de Bolívar offers plenty of photo opportunities. Don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone to capture those memorable moments.

4. Respect local customs: As a place of cultural significance, it’s important to respect local customs while visiting the plaza. Dress modestly and be mindful of any ongoing religious ceremonies or events taking place.

5. Pack light snacks and water: While there are restaurants and cafes nearby, packing some light snacks and water can come in handy if you plan on spending a significant amount of time exploring the plaza.

6. Take advantage of guided tours: If you want to delve deeper into the history and significance of this iconic square, consider joining a guided tour led by knowledgeable locals who can provide valuable insights.

7. Explore surrounding attractions too!: While visiting Plaza de Bolívar is a must-do activity in Bogotá, don’t forget that there are other fantastic attractions located nearby such as La Candelaria neighborhood or Monserrate Hill – worth exploring!

Remember these tips for an enjoyable experience at Plaza de Bolívar!


In this bustling city of Bogota, the Plaza de Bolívar stands as a timeless symbol of history and culture. With its rich heritage, stunning architecture, and vibrant atmosphere, it truly is a must-visit destination for any traveler.

Whether you’re exploring the historical monuments and landmarks, enjoying the lively events that take place here, or simply sitting on one of the benches and soaking in the ambiance, there’s something for everyone at Plaza de Bolívar.

So next time you find yourself in Bogota, don’t miss out on experiencing this iconic plaza. Immerse yourself in its history, marvel at its beauty, and embrace the spirit of Colombia’s capital city. A visit to Plaza de Bolívar will undoubtedly leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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