Bogota´s Gastronomic Wonders – Experience the best traditional food


Museo Nacional de Colombia Cra. 7 #N. 28-66, Bogotá, Colombia


4.61552375, -74.068413091077


Museo Nacional de Colombia Cra. 7 #N. 28-66, Bogotá, Colombia


4.61552375, -74.068413091077



Price per:

group, depending on group size


4 hours

Special notice

– Designated meals and snacks
– Expert guide in the language of your preference (German, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese)

On this small-group food tour of Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, you will get the opportunity to savour the culinary wonders there. You can learn about the artisanal food traditions of the country by going to bakeries and markets, as well as by getting lost in a maze of delectable street food. In the course of this journey, you will get the opportunity to enjoy the delectable cuisine of the region.


  • Walk through the historic La Candelaria district
  • Visit local bakeries and markets to sample Colombian food
  • Enjoy enough snacks to make up a full meal
  • A small group means more attention from your guide

Bogota´s Gastronomic Wonders - Experience the best traditional food

This gourmet journey through the varied culinary traditions of Bogotá is sure to satisfy your hunger and curiosity.

Do not miss out! As you embark on this epicurean journey, you will have the opportunity to learn about some of the most traditional delicacies that Colombia has to offer, as well as Bogotá’s most famous dining locations.

While strolling through the city’s historic neighbourhoods, you should sample a wide variety of foods, ranging from fresh fruits to sumptuous delicacies.

Bogota´s Gastronomic Wonders – Experience the best traditional food


National Museum of Colombia

To begin, you’ll meet with your guide at the National Museum before moving on to “La Perseverancia” food market, a place created by the working-class people at the beginning of the XX century.

Plaza de Mercado La Perseverancia

There you’ll feel the typical atmosphere of a traditional Colombian food market as you talk to traditional cooks and locals, and try delicious fruits.

La Macarena

You’ll then walk all over La Macarena neighborhood, which was Bogotá’s bohemian area in the mid-XXth century. Nowadays, this area has been transformed into a recognizable zone of international restaurants and art galleries.

Florida, Bakery and Coffee shop

Afterward, you’ll walk along the 7th street to enjoy the “Septimazo”, a very diverse path where you’ll find street artists, singers, food karts and handicrafts, and will also identify some of the iconic buildings of the area. You’ll stop at the traditional “La Florida Bakery”, to taste delicious pastries and a hot beverage like Aguapanela or hot santafereño chocolate with cheese.

Heading southeast, you’ll appreciate downtown’s transformation with the new cultural, commercial and residential students buildings in contrast to colonial and republican constructions, before tasting an artisanal ice-cream made out of Amazonic exotic fruits.

Barrio La Candelaria

Next, you’ll walk through La Candelaria historic district to enjoy a savory meal at a colonial restored house, where you can taste and see recipes from different regions of the country. At last, you’ll visit an indigenous store, where you’ll have the chance to taste some coca leaf products and have a chat with an indigenous woman from the Embera’s group.

She’ll explain to you why Coca is not Cocaine and why it is a fundamental part of indigenous nutrition and a sacred plant. You’ll also get to know more about how they’ve struggled to preserve indigenous culture, economy, and traditions as they’ve faced conflicts with narcos, industry and the government.

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